Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finding Alignment

Pain, or discomfort, happens when we are out of alignment."Out of alignment with what what?", you might ask. The answer is our soul, our spirit, our "higher selves". We are more than bodies carrying out the narratives of our little lives here on this planet. We are absolutely an aspect of All That Is, which connects everything, because it is everything. We have all heard the concept, "We are all One". But what does this really mean? How do I integrate that understanding while in a physical body relative to my external concept of reality?

That is what we are all trying to figure out. Even those that reach what we call "enlightenment" must remain in constant vigilance to maintain that state because they still experience differentiation, or duality. The difference is that when they go out of alignment, they process it at a faster rate than your average Joe. We are talking in a matter of seconds, they can regain alignment because that has become the natural, en-trained, state for them. When you are fully in alignment with yourself, it is impossible to be of harm or to be out of alignment with your surroundings, because at a certain point there becomes no difference. 

Most of us are still unwinding knots from our childhoods that keep us out of alignment with who we really are. So when new negative experiences arise, we are unable to fully recover our alignment because we have not fully recovered from what has made us a match to this new negative experience in the first place. When we put our attention on regaining alignment with our higher aspect, our spirit, or soul, we are putting our attention on the aspect of us that experiences it's connection to All That Is. Full connection is not possible where there is denial present. That is why it is so important for us to trace back to where we went out of alignment with ourselves in the first place.  

Alignment is an inclusive, non resistant state. You could really say that self love is the same as alignment or enlightenment. When you are in a state of non resistance, or self love, you are not denying anything in your experience. You are not in judgment of what you're experiencing, nor are you necessarily believing, or buying into your experience, you are simply allowing. In this state of allowing arises desires and understandings that will attune you to the vibration which is self love, or alignment with All that is, from our physical perspective. 

When we are resisting our experience we go into negative spirals which in turn entrench us deeper into what we are resisting. This doesn't mean we have to be a doormat to our neighborhood psychopath. There is a big difference between having a preference, or desire, and moving towards that VS being in resistance. In one scenario you are magnetizing yourself towards alignment, and in the other, you are shutting down as a means to repel what you don't want. What this means is we have to find a way to exalt our negative experiences, starting with our negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns, instead of trying to deny, resist, or control them.

When we are fully in alignment, we are connected, and can access a new perspective that is so much bigger than ourselves. So paradoxically, when we are fully inhabiting our individuated experience, we are granted access to a more objective, universal perspective. When we are more in alignment with All That Is, we can, more and more, experience life in that way, as one. All That Is appears to be dualistic in nature, creating much contrast here on Earth. What better way to learn about what you are, but by learning what you are not! You would have to be everything and nothing to truly understand anything. On the path of alignment it is important to first fully embrace your individuality and align according to that. When you become more allowing with yourself, you begin to be more allowing with others and your environment. From there the lines begin to blur between what is you, and what is not, and you can allow yourself to navigate in a way that is of the highest good for all involved.   

Imagine a world where people were in alignment with themselves. We would be imagining a world of empowered creators who would have no need for governmental structures which are based out of resistant principals. Divide and conquer would be as out dated as the dinosaurs. For peace, and the experience of unity to occur collectively, it starts at home, inside yourself. The path of alignment can start with one question you must ask over and over, "What would someone who loves themselves do?". 

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